Time to talk..

Some issues and themes which arise from this blog may resonate with you. You may discover that you’ve been working really hard to keep it together, but actually, now it’s time to talk. You may be feeling low or anxious. You may not even have a baby (as this blog often is written to mothers, sorry!) but you notice that your mental health has been deteriorating.

If this is the case, please talk to someone you trust about how you feel. Simply talking to someone puts a lot of the negative thoughts you have been having into perspective. Many a time, I’ve said something out loud that has been brewing in my mind for days and thought “huh!?!?!” It is then I can then encourage myself to think more helpfully.

The professional Aman would tell you to make an appointment with your General Practitioner (GP). They can help you monitor your mood and offer you options to help you manage it. They may offer you medications which may help alleviate some of the symptoms, and/ or offer a referral to your local Talking Therapies service.

Talking Therapies services are available nationwide, usually accessed via your GP. Some services may have self referral routes- Google to have a look in your area. Services often offer computerised, telephone, and/ or individual psychotherapy. Psychoeducational groups are often helpful too- these are my personal favourite support intervention. There is nothing like a group of mummies (or non parents) in one room coming together and realising they are not alone.

You may be having some really difficult thoughts- thoughts that you may be better off dead, or of running away, or that you may harm yourself in some way. You are not alone. Unfortunately these thoughts are so so common when mood is low. It is so important that you seek support as soon as possible, and if you feel there is any immediate danger to your life, to contact emergency services such as 999 for help.


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